A Starter’s Guide To A Successful Online Course Business With HighStrike Startup Founder Ben Zogby

Now is the best time to turn an idea into an online business. Most people today are staying at home to comply with state regulations about the pandemic. It is an opportunity for people to revisit a business idea long held in their minds since they have more free time today than ever before.

Self-made millionaire Ben Zogby said that the present time offers the best time to start selling an online course. “All your potential customers are at home working or schooling online. They are glued to the screen of their laptops or mobile phones. Hence, your target customers have more time to learn an online course,” Zogby explained. Likewise, aspiring entrepreneurs can spend more time building an online course business since they are also spending more time at home.

Zogby is no stranger to building an online business from scratch. He established two multi-million-dollar online businesses from the ground up and started making his wealth with a limited budget in his pocket. Zogby is among the best sources of practical advice on overcoming the constraints that keep many people from getting started with an online business.

Finding The Right Niche

If someone wants to begin an online course business, he should first identify the right niche. “Before you could create a course or any mentorship program, you should identify the skill that you want to share online. Then, find the right niche for your skill. It is crucial to position your online course on the right niche because it can bring you more students for your course,” Zogby said.

Some of the profit-making niches for online courses revolve around these general topics: entrepreneurship, arts and crafts, and information technology (IT). For entrepreneurship, students are interested in learning about digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, and other topics associated with e-commerce. Numerous people are looking for extra income, so they want to learn arts and crafts skills such as digital photography, web design, graphic design, animation, sewing, and carpentry. IT-related online courses are also highly sought by students, especially building a website, using photo/video editing software, machine learning, cybersecurity, and software programming.

“Customize the content of your online course to the need for a specific type of audience. Therefore, it is essential to define your target audience. It will allow you to create content that can stand out from the competition,” Zogby explained. He added that before launching their online course, they should establish themselves as experts in that niche. “Individuals will pay to learn a new skill or knowledge from someone who is recognized as an expert on a field of study,” he said.

Selecting The Right Platform

Knowing on which platform to offer an online course is equally important. Nowadays, there are so many online platforms wherein aspiring entrepreneurs can present their classes. But they should carefully consider the right platform to use for their online courses.

“There is a variety of learning management systems that they can use to offer their online courses. It could be a paid or free platform. But you should consider the platform that offers features that will be valuable in creating compelling content,” Zogby said.

Zogby added that it is a necessity to have a dedicated website for its online course business. “A website allows you to feature information about your online courses. It is also necessary to optimize your website to make it visible in searches on search engines. It can drive more traffic to your website,” he said.

Besides websites, there are online course marketplace platforms wherein instructors can connect with students. It is an online educational platform that connects instructors with students and provides them courses to learn a skill or widen their knowledge on a topic.

Promoting Through Social Media

“If you want to reach more prospective students, it is inevitable to boost your presence on social media channels. Of course, you should identify the social media channels where you can find your target customers. YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, the most common social media platform, to reach many audiences,” Zogby explained.

Social media is now a necessity in any marketing mix to promote a brand. Statistics showed that there are about 3.80 billion social media users worldwide. Social media’s audience reach made it an ideal tool in putting a digital product in front of its target audience. It is also a great provider of lead generation for their website.

“You can share tidbits of information about a skill or a topic. Some brands schedule free webinars through social media about a simplified version of their course. And put the link to their website if attendees want to learn more. Free webinars are excellent promotional material,” Zogby said. He continued to provide a special offer to their followers if they share the online course website on their social media accounts.

Learn With HighStrike Startup

Ben Zogby was just in his 20s when he founded HighStrike Startup. It is an online business that helps people to turn their skills into a profitable online course business. Zogby has been championing the concept of sharing a person’s skills with the world and monetizing it through the internet. That concept proves to be profitable for Zogby, which turns HighStrike Startup into a business worth $5 million in just two years.

Zogby urged everyone to enroll at HighStrike Startup and turn their skills into a profitable business.

Zogby is inviting everyone to take the opportunity to create a source of passive income by selling online courses. “At HighStrike Startup, you will know all the things that you need to get started with an online course business. You can learn how to create, launch, and sell your online course through online lectures and virtual consultations,” he explained.

To learn more about starting an online course business, you can visit www.highstriketrading.com/p/startup for more details.

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