Sandra Haseley Is at The Centre of Online Business Growth

With businesses shifting to the online space rapidly, there is a dire need to promote your business effectively to grow. Sandra Haseley, a growth strategist, helping women scale their businesses is the vitality of growth through organic marketing on social media. She is excellent at creating systems for efficiency and productivity. In terms of positioning, Sandra provides the strategy, tactics, and mindset that help women meet their goals. Her energy and humor allow them to reach their goals in a way that feels fun. She affirms that leveraging social media, investing your time, and consistency are the key factors contributing to your year’s growth. 

Professional Journey

Sandra started in commercial real estate doing mortgage brokerage—underwriting commercial loans in 2008. In the process, she was getting to know clients and consulting with them over their finances to ensure a more robust positioning with their investments. Within two years, Sandra moved into commercial development. She was a leasing agent and later got recruited as a director of marketing and sales and again consulted with the clients to encourage growth through sustainable sales and marketing approaches. Unfortunately, she was let go in commercial real estate after closing a 14.6 million dollar deal. She put out nearly 400 unsuccessful job applications, and she decided to do freelancing, creating rebranding campaigns and websites for private clients. 

Sandra started an organizing company, which was paying off yet overwhelming her. Sandra’s husband, a chiropractor, wanted his own clinic, so she helped him open a practice, utilizing only a ten-thousand-dollar line of credit, which turned to a six-figure practice within just over a year. She continued to scale the business as she was learning but realized that it was not her dream. Through a self-discovery process in 2019, Sandra returned to coaching and consulting. She then started Sandra Haseley + CO. to help women scale their businesses online and ultimately met David Waldy and Shane Therault, who became her business partners while they launched another coaching & consulting company called Generation Impact Consulting.          

Scaling Businesses Through Organic Marketing 

Organic marketing is a way of advertising your business without paying for ads. You can do organic marketing by using a website, getting your name out through networking, and using social media platforms, among others.

Again, organic marketing is free from a dollar investment but an investment of time. Whether you are starting a business or shifting a brick-and-mortar store to the online space, it is necessary to carve out time. For example, you could spare 5 to 10 hours a week to start nurturing and creating a social media presence for your business. 

It would help if you also were consistent in creating content or in using other organic strategies. In addition, it will help if you make time in your schedule for that. According to Sandra, when you commit the time and consistency with your focus just honed to the practice, it can bring you a six-figure opportunity in the first year. 

Money Making Tasks

Directly reaching out to your network is one way to create initial sales within a new business. Striving to establish personal connections with your potential customers so they can trust to make purchases from you now and in the future. You could do so by having actual conversations, building relationships, inviting them into sales conversations, and discovering their needs. You should also not be afraid to offer your services in the end. 

Branding is another vital element of organic marketing. Branding says a lot about you, your business, what you stand for, and your actual message to consumers. Branding sends a subconscious messaging to the person receiving the images, the voice, articles, landing page on your website. If your branding is wrong and doesn’t speak to its intended audience, consumers will leave your website or social media page before committing to anything. Instead, they will go to someone who resonates better with them. The colors need to resonate with the message and the message with your services and products.


Sandra Haseley is undoubtedly your go-to person for in-depth knowledge in scaling your online business using an organic strategy. Additionally, she has a course that contains methods that have allowed her to launch and scale her businesses and maintain a 65-70% closing rate on her sales calls. At around $2K, you can get the course and enjoy earning 6-figures or more within a year. For more information on organic marketing, you can connect with Sandra on Instagram, LinkedIn or visit the website.

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