21st Century Solutions for Entrepreneurs in the Digital Age

The continuous advancements and innovations in technology have contributed to the rapid increase of digital platform accessibility. Going online has become a daily routine for most of the world’s population today. This is because it provides convenience to carry out essential tasks, such as communicating with others and doing work. Businesses have also adapted to this change, shifting from traditional business platforms to digital ones.

Business during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted different industries, with over 100 countries instituting either full or partial lockdowns in March of 2020. The numerous restrictions, such as closing domestic and/or international borders and decreeing curfews, have limited businesses across the globe to continue their operations. However, as many are confined at home and stuck in front of their screens due to remote work, it is a good opportunity for businesses to grab people’s attention online and also take advantage of the surge of social media users. 

Aside from that, despite the setbacks the pandemic has brought, technological innovation and improvements in mobile, cloud computing, P2P payment systems, artificial intelligence, and robotics have been persistent and, consequently, given small to mid-sized businesses an advantage in the industry. These advancements have made streamlining and automating core marketing, sales, customer engagement, and service activities easier and more affordable than ever before. Simultaneously, many sophisticated prospecting, lead tracking, sales pipeline management, and marketing autoresponder solutions that were previously exclusive for larger enterprise level and leading global brands are now accessible to everyone, including both established and aspiring, hungry business owners. 

Creating a plan of action

Despite the large impact digital platforms hold at present, proper planning and execution are required to produce positive results. There should also be implementations of marketing transformation strategies and operations revamping among others to meet the demands of the people due to changing times. It sounds like a tedious feat and if you are worried that this is something you can’t handle alone, then you should consider seeking professional help. 

Client Connect!™ formula by Kevin Wessels

Management consultants have the experience and the necessary competencies in leading organizations to improve overall performance and operations efficiently and profitably. Kevin Wessels, the founder and managing director of RevSherpas LLC, has over ten years of revenue growth acceleration consulting experience on a global scale. With his internationally proven and proprietary Client Connect!™ formula, which comes with a 200% guaranteed ROI, he helps business owners target and acquire new clients with less time, money, and effort to quickly generate consistent and predictable cash flow. To date, his largest engagement involved directing a multi-year $60M global CRM strategy and digital customer experience transformational program.

The services provided by Wessels are personalized to meet the unique challenges businesses have to face. He specializes in working with small businesses that have little or no money to invest in marketing or advertising. His practice also provides business owners with innovative insights, strategies, and frameworks that are usually only reserved for large global enterprises and delivered by higher-end (and high-costing) management consulting firms. Moreover, he also heads a small business growth online training academy.

The customer-driven growth playbooks that Kevin Wessels formulates and recommends are driven by proven, practical, and actionable marketing, sales, and customer service strategies that have enabled businesses just like yours to scale, even in an economic downturn.

If you are interested in how RevSherpas can help you better position your business for growth, you can contact Kevin Wessels through:

Email: Kevin@RevSherpas.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KevinMWessels

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-wessels-83748959

Phone Number: 8005691374 

Physical Mailing Address: RevSherpas LLC 5233 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite B 351, Bellaire, TX 77401

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