5 Tech Gadgets Michael Andrew Lauchlan Uses Daily as a Real Estate Investor

How have you evolved the way that you do business since the pandemic? Chances are that no matter what field you’re in, a few things have changed. Due to these changes having been made due to the need to move all work remote, those most impacted were professionals that worked with people every single day: like real estate agents.

As a real estate investing expert, Michael Andrew Lauchlan knows the importance of staying connected to his clients. While that has become more difficult in recent months due to the pandemic, technology has helped continue his efforts. That’s why Michael Andrew Lauchlan is sharing the 5 tech gadgets that he uses daily as a real estate investor.


There’s no denying that communicating with your clients fast and efficiently is the key to success in the real estate realm. An app that helps you keep communications with clients in one place is Contactually

While it can be difficult to keep communications in one place when they’re coming in from a million different directions, this app was specifically created for real estate professionals to do just that to ensure that you never miss a communication or leave your clients feeling unheard!


Live Chat works on your site as a way to connect with potential clients in live time. It’s more important than ever that you work hard to find new clients via the world wide web. 

You’re probably already doing a lot to drive audience members to your landing page to learn more about you. Once they’re there, make sure that you keep them by answering any questions that they have right on site using LiveChat!


Let’s face it, real estate professionals deal with a lot of legal documents. DotLoop helps you keep these organized and on once place. Not only does DotLoop keep all of your documents in one place but keeps them organized and makes it easy to send to your clients anytime, anywhere remotely.


BombBomb is a platform to post the advertising videos for your property. While you might not be going on or giving tours of properties right now due to the pandemic, there are still ways to showcase these properties in an effective way. 

While many buyers or fellow investors might be concerned that they can’t get the full experience due to a remote climate and holding off on buying because of that, BombBomb helps to work against that and provide the supply for the demand via the digital realm.


DocuSign is a remote professionals’ best friend. It’s an easy, safe way to draft, send, and sign documents because, let’s face it, even in a remote world, paperwork is important. Used by people across the nation, DocuSign is a common tool that many of your clients might already be familiar with, making any paperwork signing easier than ever before even in a world where nothing seems like it will ever be smooth again.

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