Live Life in Full Bloom by Awakening Your Heart and Declaring the Truth

Elana van Deventer is the founder of The Revive Method, an alignment coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. She started her company after God revealed her calling. Elana experienced coming to the dead-end of her dreams, which, ironically, turned out to be exactly what she needed to become the truest version of herself. From her childhood, teenage years, and into her adulthood, there was always something or someone telling her that she would never amount to anything. First, it was a brain injury, then a degrading math teacher, an abusive boyfriend, and so on. For years she was stuck in constant emotional cardiac failure, until the point when she could not even shock her heart back into rhythm. But she made the decision that her landmines could become landmarks of God’s faithfulness where she’d battled against fear and rejection. They could give hope to someone walking in that same place.


Awakening your heart

If she did not go through her deep and dark experiences, she would not be able to realize her true potential to live in peace. According to Elana, she was her own administrative assistant, working hard day and night to patch the cracks of the life she had built on a shaky foundation. Whenever some natural light and truth, she rejected their entrance and painted perfection all over her life with a wide brush. The last thing she would have asked for was for everything to blow up all around her, but it happened. When she no longer had the capacity to pretend to manage her fears, she became a scary version of herself. Outside, she still knew how to perform, but inside, she was broken and lost.


While she focused on covering up the outside, fear began deploying its strategy on the inside. She was slowly getting trapped inside her own increasingly dark mind. She didn’t realize that the circumstances of her unhappy life were a result of fear’s lies constructing their neurological superhighways in her brain. If she felt fragile, desperate for control, and needing to prove something, it was because she believed she was. However, God knew better. 


One afternoon, she was sitting in her bedroom during a weekday, bound in spiritual darkness, when God’s presence entered like it was a royal celebration. Based on Elana’s account, it felt as if He had marked his cosmic calendar for the day when she would rule and reign alongside Him instead of being judged by her former cruel and ruthless dictator. In an instant, God gave fear an eviction notice.


Declaring the Truth

Words have the creative power, giving life to what has been spoken. Whenever a person speaks, either good or bad, words are able to dictate the trajectory of certain situations. For instance, one cannot speak of defeat while expecting victory in life. One cannot talk of deficiency and hope to have abundance. If the current situation brings one dissatisfaction and unhappiness, then it is essential to redirect life with the words being spoken. 


This, too, is supported by Scripture. Proverbs 18 verse 21, says that the tongue has the power to life and death, and it goes on to say that we will eat its fruit. The question, then, is, what would happen if one started sending words, creative power, out in the direction that leads to a fulfilling and purposeful life?


It has become apparent for Elana that the enemy does not have to defeat us since we often defeat our own lives without even knowing it. This is something that she did in her own life for years. She also observes that we do it with our tongue and the words we speak, most often going unnoticed. If one took the time to write out everything they said in a day, what would be its value? You see, we have a choice to declare victory over every day. Let us be intentional about what we say, not just to ourselves but to others as well. And allow us to begin taking note of what we allow to take root in our own lives. 

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