This CEO Of Pretty Girls Is Making Headlines Again

Malacka Reed El grew up in the projects in Baltimore. Also, she grew up with a mother that sold drugs. Malacka Reed had her first child at 15 after being brutally raped at 14 years. She had her second at 19 years and the third at 31 years. As a kid, Reed fought a lot, was bullied, and would drive others too because of the pain she was going through. She also faced house raids, being a product of house rates, and watching her mother go to jail. Finally, again, one house invasion when her daughter was 11 made Reed move to Los Angeles to pursue a better life. 

Reed did not let these situations define her as she worked hard to make a better life for herself. She is now a serial entrepreneur making 6-figures and 7-figures. Reed uses her journey to inspire others and teach other women to make six figures too. She gets hundreds of comments on her speeches of people telling her how she changed them. 

What Makes Malacka Unique?


  • Taking Failure As Stepping Stones


Malacka never shies away from speaking about her failures and shortcomings. She boldly and bravely puts everything bare, something not many people can do. This entrepreneurial woman has learned to turn her messes into her message. According to her, when the world offers you lemons, make lemonade out of it. Her life experience is enough to make you shed a tear. However, she does not regret that she passed through a tough life. To her, it was a process towards a better life. 

This woman is a free-willed and spirited lady who has not let any challenge block her from creating the life she wants. Through her story, many women have risen to become people of power. 


  • Diversification


They say, do not carry all your eggs in one basket. That is true. Malacka has diversified her skills to different areas. She is a multiple entrepreneur, stylist, author, motivational speaker, coach, and influencer. All these hats that she wears are essential in impacting those who are around her. 

Diversification minimizes the risk of loss to one’s overall portfolio. It also exposes one to additional opportunities for return. Diversification will safeguard you against negative market cycles and help reduce volatility. 


  • Empowering The World


Reed is a stylist with a showroom in Los Angeles, a trendy online boutique, “Malacka’s Showroom.” She is also an author who has been on Amazon’s bestseller list for ten weeks in a row after writing her first book. She is about to release a second book. She further owns a cosmetic line of makeup and is an influencer and host. She gets hired for big shows and concerts due to her influence and popularity. Besides all that, she has made it a mission to empower other women worldwide to live abundant lives. 


The above tips have made Malacka be recognized as a remarkable woman not only in LA but globally. 

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