Get the Best Technical Talent for Your Startup with Distro’s Global Network!

In today’s highly competitive market, finding qualified senior software developers for startups can be challenging. But do not worry; CEO and Founder Chad Ingram has come up with a solution: Distro. Acting as a connecting bridge, Distro helps startups and businesses connect with senior software developers worldwide. In this article, we’ll explore the capabilities of Distro and how it can assist in finding the perfect talent for your startup. By examining its unique features and associated benefits, we’ll gain valuable insights into the valuable contribution Distro can make to your recruitment process. So, let’s dive in and learn more about what Distro has to offer!


  • Solving the Challenge


Finding qualified senior software developers and software engineer talent is a significant challenge for startups. However, Distro is here to bridge that gap. According to Chad Ingram, the biggest problem Distro solves for startups is the ability to find and connect with highly qualified professionals in the field. Distro achieves this through its global network of hand-picked recruiters who source and interview high-quality software engineers worldwide.


  • Distro’s Unique Approach to Recruitment


Distro stands out from other agencies and marketplaces due to its commitment to quality. While other platforms advertise globally to attract candidates, Distro takes a different approach. They have recruiters strategically located around the world who personally select and vet high-quality candidates. This ensures that only the best candidates are presented to startups, saving them time and effort in hiring. In addition to international recruiters, Distro receives thousands of users who come to the platform to be vetted for an opportunity to be hired.


  • Access to a Global Network of Talent


One of the key advantages of partnering with Distro is access to a global talent network. Startups no longer have to limit themselves to local developers; they can tap into a vast pool of experienced professionals worldwide. Distro has got you covered, whether you need a Java developer or a Ruby on Rails expert. Their extensive network ensures you’ll find the right person with the specific skills and expertise required for your project.


  • Cost Savings for Startups


Hiring senior software developers in the United States can be expensive due to the high demand and competition. However, Distro offers a solution to this problem. By working with Distro, startups can save up to 30% on salaries for senior software developers without compromising quality. Distro’s innovative recruitment approach allows startups to access passionate and talented developers looking for new opportunities. This enables startups to build their technical teams while keeping their expenses in check.


  • Direct Hiring for a More Personal Connection


Traditionally, startups have relied on third-party agencies or development shops to hire developers. However, this often results in a less personal connection between the startup and the developer. Distro changes this by enabling startups to hire developers directly, eliminating intermediaries, and fostering a more direct and intimate relationship. This approach offers several benefits, including increased flexibility, faster communication, and more control over the development process.


  • Time Savings with Distro’s Recruitment Process


Searching for the perfect developer can be time-consuming, taking valuable time and effort away from other aspects of your business. With Distro, startups can save time and focus on other critical tasks while Distro’s recruiters handle the hiring process. By leveraging Distro’s expertise and network, startups can expedite recruitment and find the right talent quickly and efficiently.


In conclusion, if you’re a startup struggling to find the right software developer, Distro Marketplace’s global network is the answer. With their hand-picked recruiters and unique approach to hiring, startups can save time and money while still finding the perfect talent for their needs. Don’t let the challenges of finding qualified senior software developers hinder your startup’s growth. Join the Distro community today and take your startup to the next level. 

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