5 Lifelong Lessons From Tony Montana’s Cannabis Journey

Tony Montana is the CEO of Tony Montana Exotics, a company specializing in the legal sale of cannabis. He has been in the business since the age of 16. He has worked in athletics as America’s head of delegation in the 2019 indoor world soccer championship held in China, where America took position three. Tony’s successful journey in the cannabis business has not been smooth, and he shares five essential lessons that you can apply in your business to be successful.

Customers’ satisfaction should be your priority.

It would help if you did not focus on profits generated only; you need to focus on customer satisfaction. Your services and products should make your clients’ lives happy, less stressful, and better. This approach enables you to retain your current market share, determining your business’s future sustainability and profitability. Satisfied customers refer their friends to your business which expands your clientele base. Customers’ satisfaction determines whether you will make a sale tomorrow or not.

Hard work is the shortcut to success

However profitable a cannabis venture is, you cannot substitute hard work with anything on your success path. You need to plan your work the night before, execute your plans, and ensure customers’ orders are grown properly and are delivered on time. These will enable you to scale up your profitability. You need to follow up with your employees to ensure they do what they are hired to do to minimize their chances of eating up to your profits through salaries, health insurance, and pension contributions when their output is minimal.

It would be best if you took responsibility for your business

You need to take complete charge of your cannabis business; you cannot pass the blame of non-profitability or stagnation on growth to anyone else. “No one will take care of your money like you!” You need to develop measurable targets that you and your team need to work towards achieving daily. Non-attainment of the set targets should be discouraged, but those who surpass their targets should be motivated through rewards to propel them to work harder.

Poverty is not a permanent barrier to success

Poverty is a temporary state that should not prevent you from achieving your goals. Tony Montana, though he hails from a low-income family, through hard work and financial discipline, has established multiple million US dollar cannabis ventures. He has generated generational wealth through the cannabis venture and exploiting his athletic and music skills.

You need modern marketing skills.

You need to create awareness among your prospective customers about your cannabis products, price, mode of purchase, whether online or conventional physical shopping at the shop, packaging, and delivery methods. Without proper marketing, you cannot be able to make significant sales.

Wrap up

The cannabis business is not only profitable but also sustainable. The risks associated with it are low so long you have a good business model because many states in the US have legalized its consumption. Tony Montana has made it in this venture, and he is willing to offer a helping hand to you if you would like to venture into it. He also provides the best services to you to remove your anxiety and depression, allowing you to live a happy and fulfilling life. For more information, connect with him on social media 

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