Rocket League In A Million Ways With Jesus Bullon Penco

Rocket League is a fantastic virtual video game that uses vehicles instead of humans to play soccer. The game was developed by an American San Diego-based leading video game developer Psyonix. The motive behind this innovation was to take soccer entertainment higher, giving the fans a fantastic experience. This mode of the game makes soccer more interactive and enjoyable since the fans do not only watch the game but also they actively play the game. 

Features Of 7 Popular Vehicular Players Used in Rocket League 

Unlike traditional soccer, where players are human beings, Rocket League has developed high-tech virtual imaginary vehicles as players. Engineers have developed different high-tech cars that you can use to play in this league. Each vehicle has different specifications based on speed, aesthetics, high performance, reliability, and learning curve. Jesus Bullon Penco unveils the 5 most famous cars used in the league. 


  • Octane 


This is the most popular car introduced to the market in July 2015 when rocket league was launched, classified as a common car model used for competition purposes. The model is considered best by high-ranked competitors in the championship league. The car has a good hitbox, and it is pretty easy to use by beginners.


  • BMW M240i 


This is a luxury car with a simple learning curve for the players experienced using cars with Dominus Hitbox. The vehicle has a large hitbox that makes it an ideal model for playing a ground soccer game. It can also turn sharply, allowing it to play mid-air games better due to its shortness. 


  • Dingo 


The model was developed in 2021 and has been liked and widely used by octane lovers. The vehicle has a body design similar to Octane, and it comes in neon green color. The model has even-keeled handling, a squared hitbox, and has a smooth turning.


  •  Breakout


This is one of the 3 most popular and commonly used models in the Rocket League. This car has safety features like a high defense mechanism and large hitbox, making it favorable for new players and highly experienced professional players. They can accurately lead the balls and make impressive maneuvers due to the flatness of their top. 


  • Endo


Do you want an ideal car for doing mid-air soccer play maneuvering? You need to use the Endo car during your next Rocket League championship. Its height and width are similar to that of octane cars; however, it is slightly longer, making it a better model for handling the ball mid-air easier and more comfortable. The car is designed in a beautiful shape.

Wrap Up

Are you aspiring to begin a career in Rocket League? Jesus Bullon Penco, a professional Rocket League player, and coach share the secrets you need to know to succeed in this video game of soccer. He mentors you on the best vehicular types and skills needed to enable you to win championship leagues. For more information, connect with Jesus Bullon Penco on Facebook @   or on Twitter

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