How Jay Burns Is Alleviating Women And Children Suffering

Statistics reveal that women and young children are at the center of suffering in the event of pandemics, economic downturns, and other calamities. When pandemics strike, many women and children from low-income families go without food for days, resulting in malnutrition and ill health. Lack of proper shelters aggravates making lives miserable and unbearable for this cohort. 

Through Covenant Missions, a humanitarian organization, Jay Burns offers food and other basic needs items to lessen the pain of those affected by pandemics, loss of jobs, and the most vulnerable.

Jay developed a love for helping others while working in Tampa, Florida as an intern with Bishop Randy White and the Without Walls Ministry and Pastor Paul White-Cain, chair of the evangelical advisory board in Donald Trump’s administration. Following his internship, Jay took over the pastoral ministry from his dad after his death. His mindset aimed to transform the church into a modern-day Salvation Army to meet spiritual and physical needs. Since 2012 when he began to modernize the organization, he has helped assist over 100,000 low-income families by issuing over 10 million pounds of food to reduce hunger. 

Recent news has highlighted poor policies favoring men over women when it relates to compensation which has increased suffering among women. Women have been left without an option except to work in lower-paying scales where the ability to save for unpredictable eventualities is more challenging—coupled with the child upbringing burdens they shoulder, when emergencies like pandemics bite, they are left at the mercy of the charitable organization to fend for basic needs.

Why Covenant Mission Is More Effective Than Other Charitable Organizations.

The organization has successfully advocated for the rights of women, children, and other needy people in society compared to other humanitarian bodies because it supported anonymous donors who supply much-needed resources. Many poor people have accessed food, clothing, and shelters from the donations given by well-wishers courtesy of the following 3 Factors:

  1. Spiritual and physical needs are catered for. 

With humility and to deeply interconnect and represent foundational, basic tenets of the Christian life with the satisfaction of needs, those who chose are given the spiritual tools to sort their spiritual needs and given physical food to control their hunger. Statistics prove that 17.4 million Americans sleep hungry each night while 6.9 million others suffer from food insecurity. Relief food offered to Americans is meant for cushioning them from hunger.

  1. Betterment of the lives is the priority. 

Covenant Missions aims to understand anxiety and improve lives, empowering the community to fend for themselves without being supported. This approach helps eradicate social ills that fuel moral outrage and institutional distrust.

  1. Love Approach

The driving force behind Covenant Missions is love for a world and to help in the case of the sudden-onset and short-term disruptions of life that can cause intense emotions. The ous donors who most recently provided 500,000 masks to the organization to satisfy the pandemics’ most basic need to stop the spread of COVID-19s. The organization does not seek to enrich itself through donations from philanthropists but to offer dignified life to all without gender and racial discrimination.

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