Why Be An NFT Holder With Stadio Global

The popularity of NFTs has skyrocketed in the past two years as many people are experiencing the excitement that comes with this new technology. As hundreds of fantasy sports and NFT games come out, few developers have considered creating a virtual platform that benefits athletes and fans. But Stadio Global is out to help evolve the NFT market with its latest NFT project. 

What is Stadio Global 

Stadio Global is an enabled technology company operating in crypto and web three. The company is presently building an ecosystem with pathways for athletes, fans, agents, coaches, and managers to come within the ecosystem for transacting and making the most out of web three and the crypto drive. 

The developers have built several pathways that allow greater transaction and engagement within the overall legal system. These pathways will permit continuous monetization for all those involved, plus a more profound experience in the world of NFTs. 

Benefits of Stadio Global 

The benefit of Stadio Global is that it is an ecosystem aimed at empowering monetization for athletes through the pathways created in the ecosystem. The company is taking NFTs a step further beyond buying and selling artwork. They’ve created what is called benefits utilities where athletes get into the ecosystem and get involved in NFTs, bitcoin, crypto, amongst other digital assets. 

When an athlete joins Stadio, the company sets up their wallet and works with them to create an NFT that has its benefits. Stadio offers a white-glove service on the go where they create the imagery for the athlete and smart contract their NFT, and the athlete in turn earns. 

The second pathway for athletes is by joining the StadioLeaguez. Stadio Leaguez is the first foray into gamification that lets athletes have their own NFTs in the game. The first game that the company aims to launch is StadioLeaguez 3V3 streetball which FIFA Ultimate and NBA Jan inspired. The game stands out as one of the first to have NFTs backed by actual stats. Therefore, how the player performs in the real world will affect the value of their NFT. 

Stadioleaguez comes with hidden power-ups such as different color shoes or different-colored accessories. Players will get to trade use cards, amongst other features. Players will also get to earn tokens that they can redeem for future things in the ecosystem. 

Athletes who participate in the league will get 20% of the sales made. 

Stadio’s developers created the ecosystem to facilitate greater engagement and transactions between fans and athletes. Athletes can put their commodities up for sale, including discounted merchandise. They also get to share exclusive content with their fans, e.g. pre-match and post-match interviews. 


Becoming an NFT holder in Stadio Global lets you experience all the pathways for monetization. Athletes work with the company to customize their NFT and earn from it. They’ll set up a wallet that lets them buy, sell and invest in the ecosystem. The platform allows athletes to put their merchandise up for sale and share exclusive content with their fans. 

The NFT niche is poised to skyrocket further in the coming years. There’s no doubt that Stadio Global will be leading the future of sports with its dynamic web three ecosystems. 

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