The Scar Behind A Smile With Britney Renee Gooch

Just as everyone is born with a name, no one lacks a story. Whether it’s: marriage, divorce, death, or depression, some things can leave you looking for a way out.

Many people indeed put on a face that everything is good. But deep down, they are hurting. They have much trauma that they really haven’t healed from or even thought about healing from. 

Britney is a good example of a person who has gone through abusive and domestically violent relationships, divorce, depression, infidelity, and mental health issues. Despite all these challenges, she has come out successfully to help others and help them heal. 

Britney At A Glance

Britney Renee Gooch is an entrepreneur and an expert in mental health. She owns and runs several mental health clinics. Also, this visionary woman has spoken in churches, women’s conferences, and even at attorney events about mental health. Her target audience has always been women between the ages of 18 to 24 but, Britney is very relatable to all. 

Additionally, Britney is the author of her debut book, Putting On Face. Putting On Face is about the scars that Britney hid behind a smile. It is a story that will provide hope to the hopeless, encouragement to the disappointed, and teach you how your pain serves a purpose. 

When Britney wrote this book, it was a healing process for her from what she went through. 

Feeling Stuck? Here Is The Way Out

People often go through situations, and they don’t know how to get out and feel stuck. Nevertheless, one thing you should consider is that other people’s situations are not your responsibility and that they are only responsible for themselves. 

Therefore, when these people get to a place where they are stuck, they are attached to something that was never theirs, to begin with. Britney went through her situation because she wanted to protect so many people even the ones who hurt her. She attached herself to people who were broken and in pieces and it ultimately cost her her peace. Britney advises people who are stuck to be more aware of what they attach to because detaching can be much harder than it seems. 

Message To The World

Britney is an inspiration to many people going through mental health issues and encourages everyone to walk in their truth and to always be themselves.   As an author, she advises startup writers to embrace marketing if they want to reach the world with their message through writing. Britney says to make social media your best friend. As long as it is free and people are scrolling on where your story can be heard. Britney is a huge advocate for mentorship and advises individuals to seek mentors that have been where they are trying to go. 

Lastly, Britney says to be consistent. Sometimes things may not happen right away. Don’t get discouraged; instead, stay consistent and optimistic that success will come. 

From her life experiences and being transparent Britney is very relatable. 

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