The Passing of the Password

Hackers can obtain your password from the black market as easily as they can walk down the street and buy a bag of potato chips. Or they can dig in and find it themselves, if they’re even half smart.

There’s no doubt that the once impregnable password is no longer much of a watchdog against thieves who want to steal your personal information. And firewalls are pretty much burnt down.

An new technology company called UnifyID, out of San Francisco, thinks it knows how to once again safeguard your cyber accounts.

It’s called “Uniqueness Technology”, and it’s based on how each individual does things in a unique and individual way, even down to how you type on your keyboard or move your mouse around. The technology now exists, claims UnifyId, to have your computer track your personal idiosyncrasies until it has built a detailed profile of you that no one else can emulate. So only you can access your information, and only when the computer checks how you do your keystrokes, etc.

Will it work? We should know soon — the company plans on going public this fall and having software out by December.

Hackers can learn your 'secret word' in a few minutes.
Hackers can learn your ‘secret word’ in a few minutes.



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