Going to the Airport? Why Not Fly There!

Several major companies world-wide are feverishly racing to become the first to offer a flying technology that will whisk you above the crowded gridlocked streets of a city to the airport or theater or shopping center.

It may sound like Back to the Future Part Gazillion, but the technology is almost in place to begin liftoff.

eVolo, a German company, is working on a multicopter that features twenty propellers to lift you up and over the ground to your destination. Each propeller is controlled by a separate computer system.

EHang is a Chinese drone company, and they are working on a drone large enough to pick up passengers and take them as far as 100 miles.

Of course once you’re up in the sky taxi, it’s recommended that you don’t try to step out for a breath of fresh air.

The Volocopter.
The Volocopter.

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