Experience A Metaphysical Healing Experience With Livia Devi

For ages, people have been told and conditioned to believe that there is only one earth, one reality, yet in truth, there are countless realities. The paradigm of how we perceive reality is changing, and more people are awakening to the different versions of their existence. 

5D Mentorship

Livia Devi is a 5D mentor and entrepreneur who helps people awaken and shift their consciousness from the third to the fourth and fifth dimensions. Livia allows people to awaken to higher consciousness and ascend beyond their physical body and connect with their electrical, energetical, and light bodies, allowing them to access and experience multiple realities in their oneness. This experience enables enlightenment, a shift in perception, transformation, and inner healing. 

The Arcturian Council. 

Levia Devi is a trance channel for the 7D collective consciousness of beings from Arcturus known as The Arcturian Council. These beings flow through her and placing people to their transmissions, codes, technologies, and activations into their energetic and physical bodies are changing their consciousness. These transmissions enable people to shift into a higher level of consciousness, place them into finite streams of possibilities, and teach them how to become the co-creators of their realities and not live by default anymore. 

One transmission with Levia Devi and the Arcturian council is more powerful than 15 to 20 Ayahuasca ceremonies because it breaks the boundaries of time and space, allowing one to leave their physical body and consciousness and go into the quantum field and access infinite timelines and realities. This experience enables people to come out of the box of a single reality and opens them to a mentality of living in a world of infinite possibilities. Once one has gone through this experience of consciousness, it is impossible to go back to their old self. They go through a transformation and begin to choose the way they want to see the world. 

Metaphysical Healing Experience. 

The metaphysical healing experience helps people deal with physical pain and trauma. The release of energy during the transformation brings the pain and suppressed trauma to be released from the body. Realizing that people are more than just the physical; they are energetic light beings having physical experiences helps people deal with the adversities in their life and past traumas.  Experiencing different versions of reality helps people cope better with change and gives them a new perception that they are in charge of their existence and can alter their current reality. 

Livia Devi takes pride in working with entrepreneurs in the spiritual field and those in business, art, technology, etc. She bridges spirituality and business, working with entrepreneurs shifting their consciousness to see the bigger picture, shifting their vision, mission, and modus operandi to a whole new level. Livia helps clients develop new projects, new ideas, and new solutions to projects and tunes them into doing more for the world. For example, she has worked with people now building eco-villages in Australia and Costa Rica, with clients in invention and innovation, clients responsible for creating alternate currencies, e.g., cryptocurrency. She works with people in forex trade and helps them know how to trade and invest in the financial market. 

Livia delivers exceptional perceptual information, energy, frequency, and a more profound sense of wisdom, enabling people to gain insight, introspections, understanding, and delivering quantum tools. Those awakened can calibrate to the multidimensional collective frequencies and realize new ways of living lives, doing business, making life-changing decisions, maintaining relationships, and generally how they view themselves and the world by tuning in to different versions of reality. 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq_QBIMKKa_ouphZM0s5nfQ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arcturianschanneling/ 

Website: https://linktr.ee/liviadevi 

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