Leading Through The Crisis: F.H. Cann & Associates Shares How Support Teams Can Adapt During COVID-19

Living and working through the coronavirus pandemic has been a challenging experience in many ways. For support teams, this time has seen increased workloads and big changes in workflow, to adapt to the pandemic risks, and the changes in customer behavior. FH Cann & Associates is a leading provider of call center solutions and account receivables management for decades. Today, they’re sharing how support teams can adapt during COVID-19, and breaking down what their support teams have done, to withstand the crisis.

Be ready for complex clients

One major way that support teams can adapt during COVID-19 is by being prepared and trained to handle complex clients. FH Cann & Associates specializes in some of the most complex call center solutions in today’s business landscape. Due to the pandemic, many clients have more complex and specific needs, because their own workflow has changed drastically. More people are staying home than ever before, and more people are in need of call center solutions. FH Cann & Associates already has the infrastructure in place to handle large and complex cases, which has proved useful during COVID-19.

Cross-industry solutions

Another way support teams can adapt during COVID-19 is by being prepared to handle clients across a wide range of industries. More industries than ever before are in need of call center solutions as well as account receivables management, and it’s important to have experience working with clients across these industries. FH Cann & Associates works with governments, school systems, healthcare customers, financial institutions, and utility companies, to name a few.

Not only that, but FH Cann & Associates knows the importance of having a highly-trained staff. It’s crucial to have expert team members at the helm, working on your support teams. FH Cann & Associates rigorously trains its employees, who are highly incentivized to stay with the company for years and years. This means they become experts in their field, and highly skillful at working with their clients. Employees at FH Cann & Associates also undergo frequent retraining and assessments, to make sure their skills stay sharp.

Over the past few years, the company has enjoyed impressive growth, and now has more than 500 employees.

Secure solutions

Another necessity in the time of COVID-19 is to be compliant with stringent digital security requirements. FH Cann & Associates knows it’s crucial to not only comply with state and federal regulations, but it’s also a necessity to go above and beyond industry standards to protect customer data and information. By offering secure solutions, customers have confidence and ease in FH Cann & Associates’ solutions.

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