You Can Be A Good Parent, Ask For Help From Erin Hansen

Parenting Is Hard So You Need Erin To Coach You 

Erin Hansen is the kind of life coach that will guide you on realizing that everyone in the family has different needs and this can be the root of a problem. She teaches parents how to understand their children’s needs, and their children how to understand their parents’ needs.  Being close with the members of the family is a way to live together harmoniously.

Being a parent is difficult, but being grounded and able to communicate well is important because your children look up to you as role models. The benefit of hiring a parenting coach is that you’ll have someone to help guide you when you’re feeling down and out, which is common as a parent. 

Kids Know When Their Parents Are Not Okay

No matter how well parents hide their tension from their children, they will always be aware. Stress is basically negative energy that spreads inside the house. They may question what is bothering us, and as parents, we may not want to discuss it. Parents don’t have to keep everything inside;  instead, they can encourage conversation by properly expressing that they’ve just had a difficult day. Erin tells us that we are teaching our children to cope and that by doing so, we are showing them that some things may upset them and that’s okay.

We must establish coping skills in our children. If parents do not develop relationships with their children, they will not learn, or they may learn things outside of the home that could turn them away from the family. One of the most important lessons we can teach our children in this stage of their lives is how to deal with challenges and troubles. As parents, we want our children to come to us when they are experiencing life’s ups and downs, and they can only do so if we have established a strong bond with them.

Why Hiring a Parenting Coach Is Important

Erin has participated in a number of social parenting groups and has noticed that parents face similar challenges with their children on a daily basis. She responds to them and observes how parents are unsure of what to do or how to handle their children. Having a life coach is similar to having a system of proven strategies and accountability for parents or the family as a whole. Erin feels that child counseling isn’t always the best option, but she offers various alternatives or tactics to help us better understand each other. One of her strategies is using metaphors that can assist us in letting go of the past baggage and moving ahead together.

Parents, according to Erin’s experience as a life coach, are unaware of other factors in the game, such as extended families, social circles, or their children’s interests in sports and other activities. These are key aspects, and there are many more that affect everyone that can only be learned by working with a life coach. We can perhaps complete a self-assessment, read a book, and then put it into practice, but there is a significant difference when there is a personalized approach and accountability structure in place to oversee the process.

Family difficulties aren’t something we can just wing it with; we need practical, tried-and-true methods. Erin has more techniques and solutions that will undoubtedly benefit our family.

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