Why Failure is Good For You, Find Out More From Jennifer Hernandez

Failure is an essential part of life. Most successful people in life have failed most times. However, failure may feel uncomfortable, but it can help you succeed through growth and opportunities to try again. It often leads to success because it allows you to test and try what doesn’t work to discover what works. 

Therefore, knowing how to accept failure can help you use it as a stepping stone to future success. Jennifer Hernadez is the best example of a successful person who has used her failures to reach her success.

Who Is Jennifer Hernandez?

Jennifer is a keynote speaker and a top-performing Mortgage Loan Officer. She is also a life coach and a mentor who teaches people the importance of failure and mistakes. Jennifer has never allowed them to define her destinations despite going through many failures. She directly connects with at-risk youths and adolescents, teaching them her motto, “No one can stop you but you.” Her vision is to impact people’s lives through storytelling to inspire them to overcome life obstacles.

Why Failure Is Important

Failure can help you develop resilience. The more you fail, the more you become resilient. Resilience can help you breed success by setting the game up to win. Also, falling in life brings forth knowledge. The knowledge you acquire can apply in the future to overcome that very failure that imposed so much pain in the first place. When Jennifer failed many times trying to achieve success, she accumulated knowledge with each loss. 

Besides, when you fail, you gain experience. When you go through something, you develop a deeper understanding of life. Moreover, failure leads to an exceedingly high value and growth in life. When you fail, you reach more profound experiences about your life and why you are doing the things you are doing.

How Jennifer Overcame Her Failures

Jennifer’s success journey was filled with failures, setbacks, tribulations, and trials. From being broke to building half a million-dollar house, having four rental properties and a vacation home, to losing it all. Nevertheless, she was homeless at 17 and became a mother at 19 years. She did not have a mentor or someone to motivate her or teach her how to go about everything she was getting herself. Despite having no mentor by her side, she had to raise four kids alone without a husband.

When Jennifer was drowning in her problems, her daughter advised her to counsel the world by telling stories. Then, she started writing her life story, highlighting all she overcame and slowly realizing her mistakes. Jennifer apologized for everything she had brought into the lives of her kids. She healed herself and her family with time, and today she is the epitome of determination. 

Wrap Up

Remember to understand how failure is meant to serve you rather than hinder you. If you fail at any point in your life, use that opportunity as leverage to recover and help propel you forward in the future. As a result, you will experience the joy of failure and work hard to move to the next step of your success journey. If you want to know more about the importance of failure in your life, you can contact Jennifer.

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