Marilyn Julia Brown On Overcoming Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety is excessive worry and fear about everyday situations. On the other hand, depression is a mental disorder associated with episodes of mood swings or feeling sad. It is possible to have both anxiety and depression at the same time. One of the essential things anxiety and depression have in common is that both can improve with support from a mental health professional or expert. The perfect example of a mental health professional is Marilyn Julia Brown.

Marilyn is a psychotherapist and certified energy healer in Southern California. She is the founder of A Mindful Way Counseling and Liberated Well LLC, where she provides available soul, mind, and body-centered digital wellness resources to help individuals heal from trauma and return home to themselves. Besides, she teaches people ways to overcome anxiety and depression. The following are tips by Marilyn on how to overcome anxiety and depression.

Practicing Yoga

Yoga is a mind-body practice that allows you to understand the link between your mind and body and help you become less anxious. Yoga is essential for depression because it can be adapted to daily mood through incorporating practices that enhance physical, emotional, and mental health. For instance, It may involve breathing techniques that can help let go of worry and fear. The meditation/relaxation practices of yoga are designed to generate a sense of well-being, calm mental focus, and stress tolerance, resulting in minimal depression, anxiety and stress.

In 2015, Marilyn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic, incurable, potentially debilitating disease. Since then, she began making her physical wellness a bigger priority which caused her to invest in herself and join a yoga studio. Marilyn immediately fell in love with the process and has since completed her 200-hour training to become a yoga teacher. She was able to overcome the challenges she was facing by practicing yoga.


The length and intensity of the symptoms of depression often influence the type of therapy. If your symptoms of depression are severe and you have been depressed for a long time, working with a psychiatrist for medication management may be necessary. If the symptoms are not severe or more recent, working with a therapeutic relationship may help you. Thus, Marilyn can help you change negative thinking that might be making the depression symptoms worse.

In college, Marilyn studied psychology because it came naturally to her. Today, she counsels people, teaching them healthier and more effective ways to deal with anxiety and depression. She also provides consultation and education on cultural competency, speaking on various mental health and healing topics. Besides, At A Mindful Way Counseling, they provide individual therapy, couples therapy, business consultation, and collaboration consultation to help people become the best versions of themselves.

The Bottom Line

Marilyn’s mission is to use her life as an experience to help other people going through such problems or suffering from anxiety and depression. She went through many life challenges, including growing up in an alcoholic family and being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Hence, if you want to heal from these mental disorders, achieve inner peace and courage to thrive. If you want to know more about overcoming anxiety and depression, Learn more about her on

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