Technology to Save a Trip to the Doctor’s Office

You suspect you have high cholesterol, or want to know how fertile you and your spouse are. That means a trip to the doctor’s office, and then maybe a long wait.

But new technology company EverlyWell is gearing up to help people make one less trip to the doctor by offering home test kits for things like lipids and lack of vitamin D. The kits are made of the latest lightweight recyclable plastic, and cost almost nothing to ship.

The kits are mailed directly to the home address, with simple instruction on how to take the necessary samples, and they include a pouch to mail the specimen back to EverlyWell, which has no laboratories of their own but sends them out to approved, certified labs for the work to be done speedily. Result are returned to the customer as soon as possible, and then he or she is free to decide if a trip to the doctor is called for or not.

EverlyWell does not do any diagnosis; they simply provide information for the customer to act on.

technician placing blood tubes in the laboratory centrifuge
technician placing blood tubes in the laboratory centrifuge

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