How Ron Bauer Is Providing a Wide Range of Value to Companies He Mentors

Most companies face various challenges, and how well the issues are addressed determines their chance of failure or success. Statistics reveal that out of the 600,000 startup companies established in the USA annually, about 90% collapse.

Finding ways to expand their revenue through diversification of income streams to maximize the actual profitability is another significant challenge that these companies face.

Ron Bauer offers business mentorship to a select few founders to help them launch a startup and scale them up sustainably.

How to Take Your Company Public

Have you always dreamed of taking your company public on the stock market? With over  two decades of experience, Ron Bauer mentors a few select founders on taking their company public on a global stock exchange.

He has helped dozens of companies go public and raise hundreds of millions of dollars. He has over 20 years of experience assisting early-stage companies in preparing for this time-consuming and scary process.

Mentorship to Founders and Entrepreneurs

Ron Bauer has over 20 years of experience and expertise in helping founders and entrepreneurs successfully establish and manage their businesses. Unlike other business mentors, he uses the hands-on knowledge he has gained by creating his ventures over the years. If you plan to launch a startup company, he will guide you on the dos and don’ts to help increase your chances of success.

His business mentorship serves as a compass directing you and redirecting you to optimally stick to your roadmap and achieve your goals on time. He also helps guide you on the methods you would need to employ to reduce the time required to attain your targets without compromising customer service quality.

Helping You Raise Capital

Has the lack of operating capital derailed you from achieving your goals? Ron Bauer can help guide you on the steps you should follow to access capital from multiple sources. An adequately designed corporate website, executive summary, investor presentation, business plan, and easy-to-understand financial model can help you secure funding from investors and institutional investors.

Ron can help guide you in preparing these collateral materials even if you have no idea where to begin. Finding the right investor is a more daunting task than preparing the material to do so. Ron goes out of his way to help prepare you to pitch your company and find the right investors. To learn how you may benefit from mentoring with Ron Bauer, please reach out to someone on his team to see if you qualify for his one-on-one mentoring or apply to attend one of his virtual mastermind courses –

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