Be The Next Award-Winning Real Estate Broker

People will always require shelter. It is hectic moving from place to place, inquiring about house price offers, especially in new homes. One may prefer to use a realtor because it makes finding a house less stressful. Other reasons for finding a realtor may include avoiding overpaying and other costly mistakes- this enables you to get a fair deal. Realtor expert negotiators will fight for you- since they are expert negotiators, they will fight for the home and the price you deserve. To get access to the most up-to-date listings- realtors can help you find hidden gems in a competitive market and a network of trusted professionals. They know the trusted professionals to make your journey a smooth one.

About Chris D. Bentley

Chris is an Award-winning Dallas real estate Broker and owner of Bentley Fine Properties. He has almost 20 years of experience selling real estate in multiple states and shaping his path to becoming one of Dallas’s most aggressive real estate brokers in the making. His excellent reputation for surpassing clients’ expectations has created a unique platform for his business to grow. Chris’s most notable achievement features the sales of millions of dollars worth of homes during his 19-year career. D Magazine has featured and recognized him as the Best Realtor in Dallas (2017,2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022). 

How To Be The Next Winning Real Estate Broker

Be Aggressive

Through his aggressiveness, Chris sold millions of dollars worth of homes during his 16+ year career. Of his sales, 50% of Chris’s business has consisted of repeat and referral clients, and the other 50% is from social media exposure. He attributes his success as a result of discipline and focus. He stands for integrity, energy, hard work, and excellent customer service in the entire business cycle.

Viable Marketing Strategy

The reason why many businesses do not thrive is because of adopting complex marketing techniques. Chris advises creating a marketing strategy that blends well with company goals, objectives, and projections. 

Build your reputation

For example, Chris D. Bentley is always at the forefront to ensure he offers his customers the best. Through his customer service and building himself a good reputation. His 19+ years of experience prove that “patience and hard work pays.” Building your reputation is crucial to scaling up the real estate business. It boosts your clients’ confidence in you and drives more leads through referrals. Once you offer good quality products and services, your name will be well-known in the industry.

Learn from the experts

One has to keep an eye on those who have already succeeded as real estate brokers. These people you are learning from will act as your mentors. You will gain some practical advice, support, and encouragement. You will also learn about real estate experiences from others and be empowered to make the right decisions and develop strategies for handling real estate issues. If one follows these tips, they are set up on the road to becoming the next award-winning real estate broker.

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