3 Weird Ways You Can Sell Your Art with Criss Bellini

The art industry is part of the luxury market, where you need a proper strategy to sell out. People love beauty and creativity, but investing in them comes last on their priorities as necessities are more crucial. However, art sells well to people who genuinely see the value in it, and it’s a pride of every homeowner. You can easily win over clients by making them see art’s value in a way Criss Bellini does. 

An anonymous person behind Criss Bellini has utilized art to change his life and inspire so many young artists. He is one of the revolutionary creatives of different art eras. Criss Bellini combines traditional and contemporary street art to develop exclusive yet affordable wall artwork available in limited edition designs. He has come to balance the wedge of cheap art and overpriced art to produce middle-priced and high-quality paintings. 

His fast-growing success is due to his unique approach in taking timeless and iconic masterpieces and transforming them into modern work by incorporating street culture. Here is how you can sell your artwork.

Using an Art Blog

Blogs are the most passive way of earning income through your craft. If you enjoy writing articles and blogs, a blog is the most straightforward way to sell your art. For your blog to generate organic traffic and convert to sales, it would be best to implement marketing tactics in a blog. 

You could start by constantly putting out catchy topics in the articles you write. Make your topics rank high in the search engines by looking at what most people are likely to search about art. The content you put out could take the direction of tutorials on things like placing your art in your home and much more. You could also do reviews of your different artwork, showing a reader the value of each piece. 

An anonymous artist behind Criss Bellini says that using a blog might be a long-term play to s healthy passive income.

Selling on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for creatives selling artworks and jewelry. The site allows you to open an e-commerce store, which is already customized. The platform’s power is that it generates millions of views and impressions every month because those looking for jewelry and art know that Esty is a marketplace for them. 

It is not guaranteed that you will get ample exposure when you start, but you can expect traffic from locations you didn’t expect. When you leverage the platform’s power, it can be lucrative selling there. 

Selling on YouTube 

The rate at which visual content is selling, it’s worth the try. You could make your YouTube channel about tutorials and your journey with art. With that approach, you are certainly going to leverage YouTube traffic that will indefinitely convert some of the audience to clients. The best thing with Youtube is that once you attract a significant audience, you not only generate sales on your products but also gain revenue from the ads.


Through these three methods, you can show people how your products will generate value for them. It will be easier for them to make purchases. These ways are fun, exciting, and hugely increase sales.

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