Learn How Alex Draper Is Disrupting the Leadership Training Industry

The leadership training industry is expected to grow in the coming years, with more companies offering courses and programs to teach individuals how to become leaders and, in other cases, how to refine leadership techniques of a more hybrid and diverse world. Although this might appear as something to be celebrated considering that the forecasted results would create more humane leaders in different industries, this also poses a problem in terms of capitalizing on the idea of leadership itself rather than truly honing the people-first leadership skills and behaviors. Leadership does not come naturally to anyone. Layer on the new expectations of the modern worker, where people will not stand for mistreatment anymore. This becomes evident when team members cannot realize both their business and career goals, leaving them dejected and lost, and it all boils down to how their leaders guided them in the process. Your boss literally defines you. They can send you home miserable and dejected, or happy and fulfilled. Who would you rather work for!? Alex Draper has seen this in all too many companies where the frontline team members tell the truth of what the real culture is like, and he recognizes the gap in the marketplace for efficacy-based leadership training that leads to great cultures people want to work for. In an attempt to solve this problem, Alex Draper is disrupting the leadership training industry by shifting the narrative of narcissistic bosses to becoming empathetic leaders. 

Who is Alex Draper?

Since he was young, Alex was inherently hardworking, especially with the lack of guidance and care he received from his father. At 14, he had already started working and learned the ropes of life independently. Alex started his career as a trainee school teacher in the United Kingdom. In 2002, he transitioned into adult education and joined a global management development organization. Three years after, he relocated to Chicago, where he spent a decade leading and growing the business in America. At the same time, he consulted with many of the Fortune 500. In his time there, he worked with ineffective and rude bosses, which taught him what not to do when leading a team effectively, and despite such, he saw the potential in America to start his own business. When he received his green card, he immediately founded DX, and the rest is history. Today, Alex serves as the chief executive officer of DX Learning Solutions.

What is DX Learning Solutions?

Alex started DX after seeing a gap in the marketplace for efficacy-based leadership training and as a way to build upon his passion for the emotional intelligence aspect of leadership development. DX Learning is championing progressive leadership training that synthesizes behavioral psychology and experiential learning to expose and eliminate bad leadership and prepare leaders to put people first. Since the conception of DX, Alex and his team have helped develop and unlock the leadership potential in over 25,000 people worldwide with DX’s leadership programs. 

DX Learning Solutions offers training for both large and small-scale organizations. For large organizations, Alex and his team supply, deliver, and license their products to enhance leadership development efforts based on the needs of the organization. For instance, if a company has 500 managers, DX will develop and roll out a program for all participants based on their objectives. Whereas, for small-scale organizations, DX helps build, shift, and sustain a human-centric culture from top to bottom. Moreover, they also offer a full suite of blended, scalable, and customizable experiential training solutions, both virtual and in-person, to get managers from the frontline to the executive boardroom thinking like students, acting as coaches, and meeting the demands of today’s top talent.

If you want to start designing a more human workplace and experience leadership training that creates real change, you can visit DX or connect with Alex through Twitter and LinkedIn.  


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