5 Lessons On Customer Satisfaction You Need To Learn From Heritage Watch Dealers

The watch market is showing no signs of slowing down. And as a leading global dealer, Heritage Watch Dealers has been at the forefront, striving to meet the growing world demand for luxury timepieces like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet.  Many of their pieces sell within 24 hours. But it’s their commitment to customers that ensure their clients are always happy, and they stay for life. Their typical customer can easily buy, sell, and upgrade their collection over many years because of the trust and reputation that this company has built. 

The following are tips you can learn from Heritage Watch Dealers on customer satisfaction. 


  • Trust Matters


Trust refers to the firm belief in the truth, reliability, or ability. Heritage Watch Dealers’ business is built around trust, and this company ensures they build long-term and lasting relationships with their customers. 

They try to be a resource for each person that works with them. If something goes wrong with their pieces, Heritage Watch dealers ensure that their clients get access to their network of resources to address any issues that clients encounter even post-sale. 

Because of the trust, customers have found them credible and always want to do business with them. This means greater loyalty, advocacy, and customer engagement, and this credibility keeps bringing new customers while existing customers stay for life. 


  • Offering The The Right Pieces At The Right Prices


Historically the strategy for selling a luxury watch has been to simply list it for the most money possible in the hopes that someone uneducated pulls the trigger.  As a professional dealer Heritage Watch Dealers only transact based on the true value of a watch which can move as frequently as a week to week.  Watches can also provide the opportunity for profit.  Many financial savvy entrepreneurs and business executives are shifting from money markets and other markets that are not giving good returns and moving into alternative assets like crypto, art, or watches. Heritage Watch Dealers works with many high net worth clients to curate a luxury watch portfolio that provides diversification and meets the client’s financial goals.  Many customers have seen their portfolio values exceed many of their traditional investments like stocks and bonds. This phenomenon is driving more and more tangible assets like luxury watches that offer financial upside while ensuring their value won’t go to zero. 


  • Search The Market


Heritage differentiates itself by ensuring its associates are not just watch experts but market experts and provides its customers with options and market information. They have a one-on-one relationship with their customers to ensure we are always working to meet their goals. If they don’t find the best option for you, they will provide the information for you, so you are confident to know what is on the market relative to what you purchased. You will therefore get a clear view of what you are buying.


  • Finding The Best Opportunities For Their customers


If you need a piece that is not available in the US, for example, but it is in Asia, Heritage Watch Dealers’ global reach ensures their clients have access to that market. They find the best opportunities for their customers regardless of where they exist.  


  • Transparency


Their commitment is to provide an unparalleled value in terms of the transparency they provide their customers. Their customer base continues to grow at a tremendous pace because Heritage Watch Dealers are always open to their customers’ concerns and questions. 

They are always open and honest with their customers about what the market offers and what options fit their budgets. 


Therefore, if you want to grow with ease, focus on building your trust with customers to be credible, build long term value by offering the right products at the correct prices, provide your customers with options and market information, locate the best opportunities, and keep your door open to your customers

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