Using The Dark Art & Curious Science For Good Not Evil: Here Is The Man Who Has Mastered The Craft

What comes to your mind when you hear about dark arts? Do you think of dark magic, mysticism or the illusionists? In this article, we look at psychology as the dark art that can turn your business into a success. 

There is something ambiguous about human behavior. Whereas there is a rational, justifiable reason why we engage in certain practices, there is also the hidden meaning. You could ask yourself, why do people purchase expensive things like highly-priced bottled water? The cryptic purpose behind such purchasing behavior is a knowledge that can help businesses expand their client base. The ability to understand people’s cryptic behavior and why people behave the way they do is what we call “dark psychology”. 

Meet Athens Ramseyer: Master of Dark Psychology 

Athens Ramseyer is the Founder of Sciential. This is a marketing agency that leverages the “buyology” of our sciential brain with a digital psychology framing strategy. Athens is a master of dark psychology, which he refers to as an understanding of the reasons behind behavior and why people’s minds work the way that they do. 

Dark psychology encompasses the study of minds that are manipulative, ruthless, and exploitative. It looks at people who are manipulative, narcissists, sadists, and psychopaths in a bid to understand why they do it and exactly how they can get people to do what they want. 

Ramseyer reveals how numerous celebrities and high-profile candidates harness the power of dark psychology to their advantage. But they don’t use this craft for evil; instead, they use it for good. This marketing mastermind states that dark psychology contains the power of persuasion that is powerful enough to help you connect with your audience and convert them to loyal customers. 

Ramseyer has a major in psychology from the University of Washington. This major set the foundation for him to understand the science behind human behavior better. Psychology helps you understand why people purchase things. However, dark psychology enables you to connect with that cryptic side of people and persuade them to buy your brand. This is because the truth is that people don’t value things; they value meaning. Ramseyer notes that we tend to overrate the “pursuit of reason.” For instance, math is a subject that you can use to uncover something or to mislead. 

About Sciential 

Ramseyer, master of dark psychology, has helped hundreds of companies, celebrities, and high-end clientele realize groundbreaking success in their marketing endeavors. He has partnered with big names such as NFL Running Back Ryan Mathews,, Dr. Garth Fisher (The Kardashian’s Family Aesthetics Doctor), “The Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort, Ellen Degeneres & Leo Livshetz of Tom Ford for UnHide, Blac Chyna’s supplement company Organic Skin Lightener, plus many more. 

Ramseyer’s most recent accomplishment was Real Estate Wealth Expo with an All-Star speaking list including Sylvester Stalone, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Sir Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuck, Alex Rodriguez, Vice President Al Gore, Jerry Jones, Robert Herjavec, Magic Johnson, Pitbull, Daymond John, and many more!

Through his agency, he has helped companies upgrade their brand, amplify their marketing, enhance their image, and boost sales. Ramseyer uses the curious science of dark arts to achieve some mind control. You can call him Professor X of marketing. In the last nine years, he has helped A-list celebrities, and INC 500 companies build their brand or solve business issues. 

How It Works:

Dark psychology consists of a triad that includes narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. Narcissism encompasses egoism, lack of empathy, and grandiosity. A psychopathic character appears friendly but maybe secretly impulsive or selfish. Alternatively, Machiavellianism callously uses manipulation to deceive and exploit others. Although no one likes being manipulated, the truth is that we experience this dark psychology every day. There’s even a likelihood that we have used it on others, e.g. reverse psychology, giving someone the silent treatment, or withholding affection to get something. 

But, dark psychology does not have to be evil. You can use it to bring some good in the world, e.g. getting people to support a charitable cause, or getting the job you want. For Ramseyer, this craft is a useful marketing tool that can help businesses engage with their target audience. 

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